Xiaomi Redmi AirDots In Ear Bluetooth Earphones

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Redmi AirDots is a true wireless headset, which means that the connection between the left and right earbuds disappears, but more easier experience; You will never worry about wire tangles while on true wireless earbuds; Throw away the bondage and feel the agility of music; As long as your device is within the range, Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth Earphones guarantee you quality music.

4hr of battery life on one charge, 12hr of battery life with charging box; One earphone with 40mAh battery, Charging Box with 300mAh battery; Pick up and automatically connected

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Vocalism Principle


Control Button


Active Noise-Cancellation


Volume Control












Charging Case Dimension

62 * 40 * 27 mm

Earphone dimension

27 * 16 * 22 mm

Effective Communcation Range

10 metres

60 reviews for Xiaomi Redmi AirDots In Ear Bluetooth Earphones

  1. D***v

    This is the best store. I recommend the store. Delivery is fast. Headphones are very good quality. As always with redmi and xiaomi.

  2. Customer

    All tracked, today we will check. Review will add later

  3. L***a

    Great earphone, very good quality, came well packaged and without even damage the box

  4. Customer

    It’s been weeks 3. tracked. Right way strange China> Finland> Russia… packed securely. The sound is good. I tried to put it in my ear, not usual. Strongly (very) head shook-fell… Toli matter of time Toli my ears are not standard. I took for my wife. Let’s see how they work.

  5. M***s

    Product delivered as specified, well packed and high quality! Arrived ahead of schedule… Very good! Super recommend…

  6. S***v

    Ordered 1.10, sent in a few days (anyway, I already order a lot from this store, already the second headphones and three or four mobile phones) came 25.10 in the Kurgan region Everything is well packed, nothing is wrinkled Seller, I recommend

  7. F***f

    Fast shipping. Delivery for 3 weeks to Samara. Packing whole, not crumpled. Headphones are made of matte plastic, tactile pleasant to the touch. Build quality is excellent. The box opens with a small effort, the headphones are securely held by strong magnets. Convenient physical control buttons, functions are duplicated. Bluetooth 5.0, for the time of use of blades and glitches was not. Confidently work through the wall. by sound, be sure to pick up the complete ear pads under your ears! 7mm emitters play pts not bad: more or less expressive middle, good bass, Here High seemed somewhat harsh. I hope to warm up!)) in general, the sound was extremely surprised, expected much worse. About the connection, the microphone is tolerable, during calls, the interlocutors did not complain. Autonomy is excellent: you can recharge your ears 3 times, one charge lasts an hour for 3. In the end, the ears are really cool! P.S. The other day there will be no less steep qsy qs2, I will test in comparison, I will write off.

  8. R***o

    Arrived before the expected delivery! Very attentive, and Redmi Airdots is excellent bass, highs and mids are much higher than I expected!

  9. T***a

    Two pairs of headphones came. The parcel went a month to Ukraine. One box is wrinkled, but inside everything is whole and works.

  10. M***s

    Original Product and excellent quality.

  11. G***r

    Product arrived fast, came in perfect condition, 100% original, am very satisfied, congratulations to store!!! Thank you very much.

  12. M***a

    Arrived very fast! All in perfect condition.

  13. A***o

    Everything is super, delivery 3 weeks to the Samara region. The package is so-so, inside nothing damaged, complete the case, two earpieces, ambrashura and documentation, the charging cord did not put, although there is a place under it in the box, the headphones working sound is excellent, can work both in pairs and separately, charged from the case, I advise

  14. L***o

    Not the first time I order from this store. Everything is fine! I will continue to buy in this store. Delivery is fast. About 2 weeks. The headphones themselves reproduce the sound well. A decent replacement for expensive wireless headphones. I can not hear the difference in sound. Which means there’s no point in overpaying. The case charges the headphones quickly. Charge holds about 3 hours + -. Everything fully corresponds to the description

  15. A***a

    Headphones took in the package to the phone, came within 2 weeks. Very fast. Work perfectly, the sound is very good.

  16. L***a

    Redmi Airdots original , discreto , vale o dinheiro

  17. D***d

    Delivery to Moscow 3 weeks. Packed well, not wrinkled. Tracked all the way. The headphones are cool, the sound is excellent, but not yet convenient for my ears, I do not know, maybe with unhabits. There is a charging sensor, convenient. overall quality is super. I advise you.

  18. Y***v

    Headphones original, came in sealed packaging. compared to qcy T1 headphones smaller in size. the sound quality is average, sound louder than qcy T1.

  19. F***f

    Great headphones, original product! Seller good natured, is recommended!

  20. T***v

    Excellent headphones, sit well in the ears, quickly connect, originals. The cover is very poor quality, rubber, torn on the second day! Reached in a month

  21. U***r

    Compact, the sound is clean, connected without problems, charged quickly from the case, keep the charge of hours 4 with continuous use. Happy, thanks to the store.

  22. T***a

    It was possible to take not a global version, except the sawing say nothing, quickly connected, the microphone works in the room well, I’ll see how they work on the street. You can listen to music by inserting only 1 earphone I’m delighted how I used to live without wireless headphones, I do not know Long delivery, ordered and it was written that it will come on December 4, it came on December 24. Sent from China to Helsinki, then to Moscow, then to Irkutsk.

  23. A***n

    Seller 10☀️Asked the store to send early so that the gift for his son managed to come to the new year, very responsive immediately sent, came to Ukraine in less than three weeks. Packed well, everywhere protective film, just super!!!! and what pleased most, so this instruction in the Russian language I recommend definitely this store and seller!!!!!!!!

  24. U***v

    In Tver region went almost two months. The box is slightly wrinkled, the headphones themselves are whole with factory seals. Everything works, the sound suits.

  25. O***r

    Fast delivery, 22 days exactly, the box arrived battered But content is intact. They are very comfortable the earphones, try on a call and hear well and I hear well by the microphone. The quality to hear music if it is not picky is just, I have the kz zsn pro and the sound is even more enclosed and the low and mediums sound spectacular, but those airdots not lag behind, les ago missing some bass, but the quality by this price is just, Recommend 100% to store Thank by Fast Shipping, good sales friend. 🙂

  26. N***a

    The store is super. I keep it from her again. ground time the phone was jammed, the price is super. this once zamovila navushniki, delivery 14 days, track, packing is good, the box is not shabby, it is accessible to the Russian ministry, it was installed without problems. seller⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

  27. D***O

    Delivery month by mail of Finland, track tracked. Original. Sound quality on solid 4ku. With the connection to the phone had to get a little pompous. In general, teach the part before use))) store and I recommend the product.

  28. S***N

    While normal. order!!!!! This is the original!!!! Already the second ordered, only now globalku

  29. R***v

    The order was three weeks with a small through Finland. The headphones when pulled out of the case themselves turned on and ducked together. To the phone, too, without problems. Instruction on the Russian. It says about the ability to use headphones separately. I’ll check then I’ll add a tip. After 4 hours of music, charging the village half. So that’s enough for a day.

  30. A***v

    Immediately it is visible where new headphones, and where 9 months were used. The sound is the same. I put the store 5 stars. The original cover opens completely and the headphones themselves do not get into a copy. Seller handsome

  31. P***v

    Excellent for this money headphones. Immediately connected to the phone. The sound is normal, not perfect of course, for such a sum it will not be, but not bad. In the ears sit well, do not fall out. In the kit there are different size of the gasket, you can choose which one is convenient for you.

  32. A***n

    Super quality! I recommend the store!

  33. A***v

    Delivery to Odessa less than a month. Everything corresponds to the description. Headphones immediately connected to the smartphone-they work very well. I recommend both headphones and the store.

  34. Customer

    Arrived a month before Astrakhan, through Finland. The packaging did not crumple, everything is whole. I ordered the Chinese version with a cover for 1345r. Connected according to the instructions in YouTube, work perfectly, pulled immediately connect, you can use one without problems. Headphones are super, the sound is loud, even the bass is. As the headset is also normal, the interlocutor hears well, even on the street, if not windy. There are no Chinese votes, only sound signals, I understand with the globe there is no difference. Charged without problems, hours 3,5 keep exactly, no longer listened. The only thing in my big ears is not very good, if you run out, you need to pick up other ambrashura. The cover protects well, pleasant to the touch. In general, I advise the headphones cool for their money, you will not regret.

  35. R***v

    This is the second order. Real, well-made. The cover is the same on time. Worth their money. Immediately Connect. Thank you.

  36. O***o

    Zamoviv 17.01., otrimav 04.02. Back to ukrposti. Navoshniki orignalnyi (before Tsogo I will send the inshaya svaletsky pidrokku). Pracyut. The sound is good. To end without problems. I recommend the product and the store.

  37. A***v

    The original is on all signs, but confused that on the box one name of the model, and on the headphone box-another, but like this is the norm. Sound is much better than for headphones for 300-500 R. Connects quickly, for a day of testing marriage did not find. I hope they will serve for a long time. The charge in mono mode was enough for 6 hours and still remained, in stereo mode listened 4 hours at 40% volume and the charge remained. At maximum volume is a little uncomfortable: whether the frequency response changes, or I have a hearing such. Delivery less than 2 weeks to Cheboksary.

  38. O***a

    Order 20.01, came to the Post Office 8.02 in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Ordered for 1305.29r (Chinese version + case for the box). The box is not crumpled. The sound is great. Only one earphone has a button noise like a rattle. the work does not reflect. When connected, sails. Headphones can work separately from each other. The case for the box is pleasant to the touch, soft as velor. It doesn’t smell at all.

  39. L***a

    Inexpensive and high-quality headphones. Compact with a set of three ambashur of different sizes. Headphones hold well and almost do not feel in the ears. The charging case is also lightweight and compact. Automatically connected to Xiaomi phone and started playing music. The sound they have is decent, not interrupted, and they work fine with WiFi enabled. I recommend the product and the store.

  40. L***s

    Good product, 3 times I have bought with the same store and everything has come to me original and in good condition. Although it took until the last day to arrive, it was within the period set by the page. Hearing aids have good sound, solo Bluetooth no is greater than the scope to the 4-5 mts thence in off the foremost well for the price paid exceeded my expectations. To synchronize them search for tutorials on youtube, it’s easy.

  41. R***d

    Very nice and very best quality.

  42. Customer

    Good quality, original headphones were delivered very quickly in about 3 weeks, I can recommend them because they are small and practical

  43. S***v

    The parcel came to Omsk quite quickly. Satisfied with headphones for such a price (at the time of purchase cost 1180r). Magnetized to the cover. The microphone does not seem to work very well, but I did not check them very much as a headset. One time they turned away from each other, but it’s my fault-both headphones alternately connected and they forgot a couple. I had to shamanize, turn off a couple of times and everything is OK. Good

  44. V***v

    Originals, norms sound so

  45. S***y

    Apparently the original. The lid opens at 90 degrees, along the perimeter of the Speaker of the inscription, the packaging is correct. Charge hold for a long time. In the ear drowned, do not stick out. Ordered with silicone cheholchik. The sound is super. Got-enabled-synchronized. The store sent for a long time because of holidays or coronovirus, but then came quickly. The seller is reliable, I ordered a lot of phones from him.

  46. Z***n

    everything is working well. the part of parcel was smashed, post problems.

  47. N***

    Headphones of very good quality. Quality and sound power at the rendezvous! Received in a little more than two weeks, I recommend!

  48. D***v

    The headphones came quickly enough, the sound is not bad, there were no problems with the connection.

  49. P***o

    Excellent shop very fast shipping, of the best

  50. A***a

    Fast delivery to Moscow, two weeks. The product was securely packed, everything works fine. Seller recommend

  51. D***n

    Headphones waited for a short time. 200% original, this is visible all over (specially studied this issue on the Internet). Work properly. Automatically turn on and connect to the phone (quite quickly) when I get them out of the box. When I put in the box-turn off and begin to charge. Box on magnets: cover with magnet and headphones are magnetized. The left earpiece is automatically paired with the right one. Paid 1000 rubles with discounts. Happy!!!

  52. D***n

    Delivery to Moscow 26 days from the date of payment of the order, the track number was tracked. For this money very cool headphones, the charge is kept for a long time (landing in zero has not tried yet, hours 4 exactly work), sit in the ear comfortably, the microphone transmits the voice well, the sound is quite acceptable, without delights, but it will. With headphones, you can receive calls, switch music. The order is satisfied as an elephant, the store recommend, sent the parcel quickly.

  53. K***V

    Original 100% the store can be trusted, the Moscow region came through Finland. vyuv in this store you can safely take do not take cheap there will surely be a fake, then the dispute team of AliExpress will be very difficult to prove that it is a fake, they require the act of separately product so think. Recommended Product and seller.

  54. И***в

    thanks. original item. this is visible immediately when you pick it up. all the inscriptions are. the sound is great. only what is sent through Finland is bad, they travel for a long time, a little over a month.

  55. A***n

    I order in this store not for the first time. The goods are original. The store sends quickly. Quality-at the highest level. Sound is excellent. The order is satisfied.

  56. D***i

    Order arrived in 12 days! Headphones work, there were no problems when connecting. Sound quality is satisfactory as for such price. It is a bit insulting that the USB cable is not included, although in the box of space at least dilute, Xiaomi could swing on a penny cable. If there is something to say as you use-I will add a tip.

  57. A***v

    My daughter says it’s okay.

  58. O***k

    I waited a long time for them. I thought they would not fly) Everything works fine, ended quickly!)

  59. D***a

    All like, sound good, all good day, here you meme

  60. D***n

    Fast delivery, quality for this price is just super…

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